Tiny Bugs Are Not To Be Ignored

Bugs and pests are rather occasional unwanted guests we don’t really want to see but they still somehow find a way to invade your homes. You open your sugar container and it has a family of ants enjoying a vacation in there, you open a dry food container and find intricate webs in there, take out your favorite clothing and find holes in them; all of these scenarios are quite common for us. Homes, particularly in summers are attacked by a number of unwanted pests. These nuisance causing insects though apparently harmless, can cause a lot of damage, if not taken care of. Sometimes, a few precautionary measures can save you from a lot of bug trouble, later.

There are four common bugs which you are more likely to encounter at your home:

1. Ants, Ants Everywhere:

During spring and summer ants are quite active in search of food. The inevitable ant invasion at your home can occupy spaces where your edibles (specifically anything sweet) are stored. They can track the tiniest of food crumbs and spills and then spread everywhere. All they need is a little crack, a bit of opening under the doors and windows, and voila—they’ll be soon be within the vicinity of your home, all marching in queues and attacking all they can. While you might underestimate their power, they are quite capable of carrying huge loads and can attack anything which comes in their way. Their bite may not be venomous but is painful enough to give you a reason to get rid of them. Your first line of defense against an ant intrusion should be, cleaning all that can be termed as food, from crumbs to spills and then store food in containers that are tightly sealed. Seal every hole and crack which can be helping them find a way into your home. Also, if you see them trailing into your home, track where their colonies are and treat them from their core. Borax, easily found at local stores, can be used to control ants. You can also make borax or boric acid and sugar solution which is considered quite effective in treating an ant problem.

2. Cockroaches won’t leave you:


A cockroach infestation is something that is every homeowner’s biggest worry. You may be faced with a roach raid at your home at least once. The hygienic condition might totally be under control but you still have more than just one possibilities of finding cockroaches in your bathroom, dancing with their antennas popped out. To get rid of them you should be very sure about the hygiene within your home and if that’s under control, you might want to make a thorough check on the things you bring home. We sometimes bring them into our homes through the stuff we bring home. Your home might be roach free but what guarantee do you have that the store you shop from. They are known to spread diseases and allergies and their presence must not be tolerated in any case.

3. Cloth Moths:

Cloth Moth

Nothing is as bad as finding your favorite dress ruined and with holes in it. This means, you just don’t have a dress to worry about but if you have a serious infestation then there are possibilities that your other clothing, carpets or blankets might be affected too. Vacuuming, in this case, can come in handy as it can cover corners which you may not have covered in your regular cleanup. Also if your woolen garments or other items have been attacked by clothe moths then you should soak them in hot water or freeze them for a few days. Yes, this may sound weird but extreme temperature can easily kill them and their eggs. Dry rosemary, lavender or cedar can all act as natural repellants. Moth balls are effective but they have an element of toxicity to them so you should be very careful with their placement if you have children and pet in your home.

4. Flour Beetles are a problem:

Flour Beetles

Dry food in our home is always at risk as tiny insects called flour beetles find a way to enter enclosed jars and upon reopening you find webs and your food unfit for eating. These little, dark creatures are mostly found in flour. But before you through away the entire contents of the infested food container, put them in the freezer for some days and then throw that away. This kills the adult beetles and they don’t spread further from where you discard your food. People usually find them in food items they have recently purchased, so it is recommended that you buy sealed jars and from a store that has a strict hygiene policy. Bay leaves are considered a natural repellant; once you’ve stored your food in clean, dry jars add a dry bay leaf to it and then seal it tightly to stops these pests from making you waste food.

These bugs and pests, if not taken care of can cause problems like ruining your entire food supply to spreading diseases. These methods can help home owners in controlling them; however, if the problem has gotten worse, then you shouldn’t ignore it any further and contact a professional pest controlling expert, immediately.

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