There’s a Rat war going on


Apparently, the world is up and against the most hated and nuisance causing pest— the rats are facing a hard time, throughout the world. Given their nature to spread deadly disease, gnaw on wires and damaging our precious belonging, these pests brought it upon themselves and hence the people, pest controllers, entomologists, and experts have all united to get rid of these deadly pests.

While the whole world is at it, here are some reasons why you should call a pest exterminator right away if you are faced with a rodent infestation.

How can you forgive them for The Plague?

These rapidly breeding pests are not just to be hated for the damage they cause but the world can never really forgive them for wiping out half of 14th Century Europe’s population. Apart from their deadly history, they are also responsible for causing several other life threatening diseases, around the world. The pathogens which are responsible in the spread of salmonella, hanta virus, leptospira, E. coli and many other viruses are all carried and transmitted through rats. Do you still need reasons to wage a war on these notorious pests?

Destruction is what they bring:

If you have a severe pest infestation, chances are, you must also have gnawed wires, useless appliances, burrows in or around your home, pets dying after bites and rat droppings all around your house. Yes, even if you imagine it the picture is downright disgusting and severely damaged. You don’t want your home to look like this, do you? The havoc wrecked by rats doesn’t just end there because gnawed wires can result in starting fires or nests built in gas pipelines are a common cause of gas explosions. The problem with rats is they will find a way to damage your home and belongings and sometimes may also attack your pets.

They live where your reach ends:

Sewers, attics, holes left open, washrooms or any damp and dark corner of your home; you may not even remember these places but rats do and will make these places their homes. It’s more like a parallel universe where these atrocious pests dwell. Places you might not even think of or have been long forgotten. They can seize such areas and then start growing from one to a whole colony of rats. Rats invading your property can turn into a mini zombie apocalypse. Oh, and if you didn’t know; rats, when wrongly exposed to infected cat’s urine they can get toxoplasmosis, which in turn results in making them part zombies which are highly capable of attacking cats, other pets and humans too.

Did you know?

With the rate these rats are invading homes in Florida, it is expected that a Florida home can be demolished after being overrun by rats.

They come easy; they don’t go easy:

Unfortunately, rats are not the easiest of pests to treat and exterminate. They enter your homes silently but will most definitely be the hardest to evacuate your place. With their strong survival instincts they are capable of enduring to extreme conditions like living longer than a camel without water or developing immunity against poison. You may think that the rat you flushed down the toilet may never return and just to prove you wrong the rat will find its way back through the same toilet. There’s a reason why rat infestations are handled by professionals who are experts in dealing with the most dreaded species of pests.

The creepy, grimy, red eyed creatures lurking around your home and infesting everything they make contact with, are the most gruesome pest. One must immediately contact a pest controlling professional as soon as you spot one roaming around your house or littering your place.

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