Pest Facts you need to know

A number of pests might be hiding or clearly visible around you. Pests are obviously not liked by anyone at all. Why? They are disgusting, cause serious damage to preoperties and belongings, and contaminate anywhere they go, with germs. You certainly don’t want them in or around your vicinity.

Being all that, presence of these creepy, dark and dirty creatures, are always considered a trouble and nuisance. If you still think they are not as bad, then you need some shocking pest facts to get this out your head and them out of your property. A pest problem is something most home and other property owners face, almost through out the year; they sometimes tend to ignore them thinking what harm can these little creatures cause? Well then, here are some facts for you to know and decide if they are as harmless as you think?

Cockroach Facts

  • A commonly found cockroach in and around apartments, homes, supermarkets and restaurants and workplaces is German cockroach.
  • Over 5 million children with respiratory and breathing problems are highly sensitive to cockroaches.
  • Want to know something creepy? A cockroach can still survive for a week even after losing its head. The only cause of death would not be losing its head but not eating or drinking without their mouths. Make sure you kill your roaches properly!
  • We all know, cockroaches lay their eggs in encased capsules and an individual American cockroach egg capsule contains around 16 eggs.
  • Even without any food and water, some cockroaches can live upto 3 months.
  • Cockroaches are also held responsible in aggravating asthma conditions, in asthma patients.
  • Cockroaches are also famous for feeding on human tissues, excretions and human hair.
  • A number of libraries and records all over the world were destroyed and eaten up by heavy cockroach infestations.
  • 33 different types of bacteria, among which: E. coli and Salmonella species, parasitic worms and more than somer other types of human pathogens, around the world, are spread by cockroaches.
  • If you see a few cockroaches, crawling around, during day time, consider it a sign of heavy infestation. This is because, cockroaches only come out during day time when they dont have enough space to fit in.

Rodent Facts

  • Every year, food that could have been otherwise fed to over 200 million people, is destroyed and contaminated by rodents.
  • Your food is not just made up from the ingredients used in it; it has a little extra. Your food can have insect eggs, maggots and rodent hair.
  • Don’t ignore the smallest of holes in or outside your property as rodents and cockroaches are flexible little creatures and are capable of entering a holes, as small as ¼ inches.
  • Rodents don’t just transmit disease directly, but can also indirectly transfer diseases through dying in a water stock or supply, contaminating food through their feces and other excretions.
  • There may be a number of reasons for fires across the country, rodents being one of them as they chew wires and at times flammables.
  • According to a American Housing Survey, 2.7 million out of 97 million housing units are infested by rodents and mice.

Termite Facts

  • There are thousands of termite species living and growing all around the world and about 45 species can be found in the U.S alone.
  • Annually, damage worth around 5 million dollars is caused by termites in U.S alone.
  • In most cases, people get to know when the termite infestation has spread wide across their property.
  • Termites with a bad guy kind of a name, “Silent Destroyers,”are known to silently eat up your wooden property and the damage is always discovered after it is a little too late.
  • A termite queen can lay eggs, every 15 seconds.
  • Termite damages, every year are the cause of roof and floor collapse and result in the deaths of many.
  • A queen termite, when fully developed can lay 1,600 eggs per day.

Ant Facts

  • Once a fire ant gets hold of your skin, it will at least sting you, for a good number of 6-7 times.
  • Almost 50,000 worker ants are found in a single ant colony.
  • Ants are known as the longest surviving insect because they live for more than 30 years.
  • Did you know, oversensitive people can even die from a fire ant’s sting?

Bee, Wasps Facts

  • Not all but some diseases transmitted through houseflies are dysentery and diarrhea,typhoid fever), cholera and many more.
  • At least 100 people die every year from bee or wasp stings, every year.
  • Ever year, Insect stings make hundreds of people to rush to an emergency, demanding immediate and extreme care.
  • Every housefly carries more than a million bacteria on its body.

Since you’ve finished reading all these facts, now you obviously wouldn’t want these pests roaming around freely. With pest comes disease, damage and worries so ou better get this problem under control before it grows big.

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