Major Problems Faced By Home Owners in 2013

Every year has a different set of climatic conditions. Sometimes the winters are going to be too cold, the summers too hot or the seasons might just be moderate. With different issues and different factors, every year is believed to be different and unique. 2013 also happens to be a year of its own kind.

As the number of problems are growing with every passing year. 2013 was reported to be the one with the most problems. Here are some of the problems faced by home owners in 2013.

Invasions of Pests
As the climatic conditions are changing drastically, increase in humidity and warmth in summers, have called in a lot of pests to get into houses. These insects which were only limited to farms and gardens, have now started invading our homes as well. One of the top most concerned problem in the year 2013 was the invasion of these pests.

Bed bugs and termites were the most irritating ones as far as the year 2013 is concerned. Bed bugs have not let many sleep and, wood and house structure losses are credited to those little termites.

Electric Issues
The electric wiring issues were quiet much disturbing last year. Short circuits, voltage problems and other issues have caused electric fires in many houses.

In some cases the electric wires were within cemented walls where the leakage of water pipes within the walls, which exist next to electric wires, was a great risk. In many houses the water mixed with electricity caused fire and passed out current to who ever that touches the wall.

On the other hand, where there were electric wires outside the walls, they either caught heat, got bitten by a rat or got old and easily caught fire when the voltage fluctuated. This type of wiring also remained unsafe the year prior.

Limited Housing Options
Many homeowners were not happy with the approach of their homes. It has been a hurdle in selling it and creating the ideal lifestyle the homeowners wanted to.

With the advancement of technology, the choices of man have also got evolved and now he searches for houses which are made exactly according to his choice. It is hard to find such an ideal house anywhere. One has to give up something or another to get something else. This choice had many unhappy and many were not satisfied with the house they have been living in.

In both the cases, the unplanned wiring has lead to many electrical issues last year and incurred a lot of losses. Thousands of people have been reported to die last year due to the fire that broke in due electricity problems.

Plumbing Problems
Leakage of water pipes, water pipes bursting, fluctuation in the flow of water, slow and noisy drains have been making many homeowners worry the last year.

These hard to tackle and never ending water damages have left many homeowners wanting to change their house. These plumbing issues have been a stain on the image of many of the best houses in the preceding year.

Many homeowners were not satisfied with the locations of their homes. They believe that they deserve better and they didn’t belong where they were living. This thinking did not let them belong to the place they live in and they felt disconnected with their home. It has also built up a lot of stress on them, as a place where one is living and did not feel like calling it home gives him nothing more than plenty of worries.

With the growth of population and ever changing policies and terms, availability of the desired homes along with desired atmosphere have become rare and it is one of the issues faced by the homeowners in the previous year.

All these problems are there to teach us something. That we should plan to tackle them and remain prepared to face them. As they are the most occurring ones and knowing them better will help us save ourselves and our homes any bad occurrence.

major problems faced by home owners infographic

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