How to know if you still have pest problems?

Noticing flies, cockroaches and other such insects make you implement immediate pest control measures to tackle them before the matters go worse.

You usually start off with some domestic pest control procedures, then you go for some chemical products and after that you approach a professional pest control service to get you rid of the ever-increasing population of these insects. And after investing so much time and so much money, the worst thing could be that the pest problem still prevails.

The primary indications of active pests in your house could be the pest droppings, their nests, smells and sounds. This goes for all the pests. Now, let’s take some common pests which leave the signs of their presence for us.



The most destructive ones are the termites. They attack the furniture and the structure of your house and their infestations will incur huge losses. Many a times you will notice their presence after they have eaten up your entire cabinet or chewed a lot of your house’s structure. So, in order to catch them before they become this much destructive, look for the signs of their activity. If you fear that they have returned, then look for them near fireplaces, on the ground, the windowsills and at other such places which are counted as the foundation of your house. They feed on damp wood, so you should carefully examine all the wooden stuff you have in your house. Blistered wood and sawdust deposits are the signs of termite presence. If you can break the infected wood into two pieces, then you might observe small tunnels running through it and now it is the time to get some serious termite treatment as they can eat your whole house up!



Even if you have treated the rodent problem, they might come back. They might enter your house from a new passage even if you have sealed their previous entrance passage. With the changing seasons, they are likely to come again and again, so you might never be done with them. To find whether they have come back or their families are still in there, you need to look through all the possible places of their nests. The places of the rodents inhabitance are probably the attic, walls, cupboards, roofs and your food supplies. They do attack your electric wires or plaster, any such damage should make you suspicious that they are there. You might also notice a scratching sound which these rodents make. And they also leave an unpleasant odor, which is definitely a sign that they are around you.



In the case of cockroaches you would find them roaming around in your kitchens, bathrooms and other areas if your house is infested with them. The main thing is to find out if your house is really infested with them or they are just one or two which came here by accident. Seeing more and more of them everyday is a sign of their infestation. And if you are not sure about their population and want to figure out whether your house is infested with cockroaches then you should look into the cracks in the walls, furniture, door frames, sinks, water heaters and other small open areas which are damp. Cockroaches are the nighttime insects, so you have to watch out for them in the dark as well.



Ants are little in size but big as problems. If you notice more than a few ants attacking your food supplies in the kitchen then go follow them to their nests. And if you find that hard to do, then look for their nests in the pots, garbage bins and other moist areas.



Tracking down the infestation of silverfish might be the toughest one. They are so tiny that they easily move in front of our eyes and we hardly notice them. If you have found holes in your books, papers, clothing and leaves of your houseplants then you should let yourself know that the silverfish could be responsible for all of this. Their breeding areas could be your bookcases, drawers or closets.

Bedbugs and fleas


Both these pests feed on blood. Fleas and bedbugs, both of them feed on the blood of all the mammals, while bedbugs also prefer sucking human’s blood. The season of fleas is usually summer with high humidity. The presence of fleas can be felt by observing your pet’s activity. Unusual itching caused to your pet, especially in summers, might be a sign of their presence. If you also notice bites and irritation on your skin, then again fleas could be responsible for that.

Bedbugs, the nocturnal nuisance. They love our warm blood and their bites might wake you up from your sleep every night. As they believe in attacking you while you are asleep, they remain close to your bed. You will find them in the corners of your mattress, in your bed’s structure and in the cracks near your bed. Usually, encountering even a single bug at most nights would mean that your house is infested with these bedbugs.

Watch out for these signs even if you have tried all the methods you could have to tackle them. And whenever you spot signs of any of these pests, instantly contact the most reliable professional professional service in town which guarantees that the problem will not recur.

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