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There’s a Rat war going on


Apparently, the world is up and against the most hated and nuisance causing pest— the rats are facing a hard time, throughout the world. Given their nature to spread deadly disease, gnaw on wires and damaging our precious belonging, these pests brought it upon themselves and hence the people, pest controllers, entomologists, and experts have all united to get rid of these deadly pests.

While the whole world is at it, here are some reasons why you should call a pest exterminator right away if you are faced with a rodent infestation.

How can you forgive them for The Plague?

These rapidly breeding pests are not just to be hated for the damage they cause but the world can never really forgive them for wiping out half of 14th Century Europe’s population. Apart from their deadly history, they are also responsible for causing several other life threatening diseases, around the world. The pathogens which are responsible in the spread of salmonella, hanta virus, leptospira, E. coli and many other viruses are all carried and transmitted through rats. Do you still need reasons to wage a war on these notorious pests?

Destruction is what they bring:

If you have a severe pest infestation, chances are, you must also have gnawed wires, useless appliances, burrows in or around your home, pets dying after bites and rat droppings all around your house. Yes, even if you imagine it the picture is downright disgusting and severely damaged. You don’t want your home to look like this, do you? The havoc wrecked by rats doesn’t just end there because gnawed wires can result in starting fires or nests built in gas pipelines are a common cause of gas explosions. The problem with rats is they will find a way to damage your home and belongings and sometimes may also attack your pets.

They live where your reach ends:

Sewers, attics, holes left open, washrooms or any damp and dark corner of your home; you may not even remember these places but rats do and will make these places their homes. It’s more like a parallel universe where these atrocious pests dwell. Places you might not even think of or have been long forgotten. They can seize such areas and then start growing from one to a whole colony of rats. Rats invading your property can turn into a mini zombie apocalypse. Oh, and if you didn’t know; rats, when wrongly exposed to infected cat’s urine they can get toxoplasmosis, which in turn results in making them part zombies which are highly capable of attacking cats, other pets and humans too.

Did you know?

With the rate these rats are invading homes in Florida, it is expected that a Florida home can be demolished after being overrun by rats.

They come easy; they don’t go easy:

Unfortunately, rats are not the easiest of pests to treat and exterminate. They enter your homes silently but will most definitely be the hardest to evacuate your place. With their strong survival instincts they are capable of enduring to extreme conditions like living longer than a camel without water or developing immunity against poison. You may think that the rat you flushed down the toilet may never return and just to prove you wrong the rat will find its way back through the same toilet. There’s a reason why rat infestations are handled by professionals who are experts in dealing with the most dreaded species of pests.

The creepy, grimy, red eyed creatures lurking around your home and infesting everything they make contact with, are the most gruesome pest. One must immediately contact a pest controlling professional as soon as you spot one roaming around your house or littering your place.

Major Problems Faced By Home Owners in 2013

Every year has a different set of climatic conditions. Sometimes the winters are going to be too cold, the summers too hot or the seasons might just be moderate. With different issues and different factors, every year is believed to be different and unique. 2013 also happens to be a year of its own kind.

As the number of problems are growing with every passing year. 2013 was reported to be the one with the most problems. Here are some of the problems faced by home owners in 2013.

Invasions of Pests
As the climatic conditions are changing drastically, increase in humidity and warmth in summers, have called in a lot of pests to get into houses. These insects which were only limited to farms and gardens, have now started invading our homes as well. One of the top most concerned problem in the year 2013 was the invasion of these pests.

Bed bugs and termites were the most irritating ones as far as the year 2013 is concerned. Bed bugs have not let many sleep and, wood and house structure losses are credited to those little termites.

Electric Issues
The electric wiring issues were quiet much disturbing last year. Short circuits, voltage problems and other issues have caused electric fires in many houses.

In some cases the electric wires were within cemented walls where the leakage of water pipes within the walls, which exist next to electric wires, was a great risk. In many houses the water mixed with electricity caused fire and passed out current to who ever that touches the wall.

On the other hand, where there were electric wires outside the walls, they either caught heat, got bitten by a rat or got old and easily caught fire when the voltage fluctuated. This type of wiring also remained unsafe the year prior.

Limited Housing Options
Many homeowners were not happy with the approach of their homes. It has been a hurdle in selling it and creating the ideal lifestyle the homeowners wanted to.

With the advancement of technology, the choices of man have also got evolved and now he searches for houses which are made exactly according to his choice. It is hard to find such an ideal house anywhere. One has to give up something or another to get something else. This choice had many unhappy and many were not satisfied with the house they have been living in.

In both the cases, the unplanned wiring has lead to many electrical issues last year and incurred a lot of losses. Thousands of people have been reported to die last year due to the fire that broke in due electricity problems.

Plumbing Problems
Leakage of water pipes, water pipes bursting, fluctuation in the flow of water, slow and noisy drains have been making many homeowners worry the last year.

These hard to tackle and never ending water damages have left many homeowners wanting to change their house. These plumbing issues have been a stain on the image of many of the best houses in the preceding year.

Many homeowners were not satisfied with the locations of their homes. They believe that they deserve better and they didn’t belong where they were living. This thinking did not let them belong to the place they live in and they felt disconnected with their home. It has also built up a lot of stress on them, as a place where one is living and did not feel like calling it home gives him nothing more than plenty of worries.

With the growth of population and ever changing policies and terms, availability of the desired homes along with desired atmosphere have become rare and it is one of the issues faced by the homeowners in the previous year.

All these problems are there to teach us something. That we should plan to tackle them and remain prepared to face them. As they are the most occurring ones and knowing them better will help us save ourselves and our homes any bad occurrence.

major problems faced by home owners infographic

7 tips on DIY Pest Control for Central Florida Homeowners

Getting across pests in your house could be a nightmare and you would want to get rid of them right away. This is why you should know some DIY tips to kick them out of your house and treat the issue at its first occurrence.

Now, you don’t need to wait for some professional pest control service or run here and there for any possible solution to do away with these creepy crawlers. DIY Pest Control is an easy and inexpensive way of getting to live a nuisance-free life.

Before spraying your homes with toxic pesticides, try these homemade remedies to prevent any pest invasions within your home:

7 Tips on getting rid of 7 common pests

DIY Repellent for Ants
Coffee grounds can help in preventing ants from entering your house. Save some coffee grounds and spread them around your windows, doors or at any other opening to block their way into your house. No more ants with just little amount of coffee. Another thing that can be done is a volcanic idea to make the stomachs of ants erupt. You can do that just by mixing baking soda with powdered sugar and place it where the ants usually come. They will come and take this with them, eating it up is known to reduce their quantity. And an interesting thing about ants is that, they don’t cross the line you might make with a chalk. So, just take a chalk and draw lines where you believe ants could enter. And for their holes and openings, spray them up with lemon juice, this messes up their tracking sense.

Remedy for Fruit Fly
Flies are really annoying. To make them remain away from your healthy food, just do this simple task. Fill a glass container with about two-inches of apple cider vinegar and cover its top tightly with a plastic wrap with poke holes. The flies will get attracted to the sweet smell of cider vinegar and then they will eventually drown themselves in it. If you think building this trap would be time consuming or something, then you should go and get a pot of basil plant. Keep basil in your kitchen and sprinkle the leaves on your fruit. Flies hate basil, they will stay away. And yes, how can I forget the wonderful lemongrass oil. Make up a spray out of 10 drops of lemongrass oil and 2 ounces of hot water, spray that in your house to keep flies, spiders, ants and all other creepy crawlers away. And if you have lavender oil, you can use that as well for the same purpose.

Non-Toxic Rat Repellent
Rats are a sight of disgust. The moment you see them, you want to kill them. Getting pesticides sprayed or spreading rat poison around your house can also be harmful to your own health when you get in contact with them. To repel these rats the nontoxic way, you just need to make this natural spray. Take 8 cups of water, add one tablespoon of peppermint castile soap and add half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper to make a mixture which can be sprayed on cardboards to scare away rats. Some people have been successful in keeping mice away by sprinkling bay leaves in their kitchen and about the pantry. Another successful remedy is to leave small bowls filled with ammonia at places which they frequently visit, it is said that the scent repels rats. An effective bait is peanut butter, in case you already have a trap ready for them.

Homemade Cockroach Repellent
Ugh. These nauseating creatures are always getting into our house somehow. An easy way to treat a roach problem is by spicing them up. Mix two tablespoons of hot sauce with 1 quart of water and spray the areas where the problem exists. The hot sauce is hot enough to shoo away cockroaches, then why go for a harmful chemical to treat this issue? And to keep cockroaches out of your kitchen you can make little balls of the paste of baking soda, boric acid, sugar and water mixed in equal parts. Then place these balls in cabinets, under the sink and around the stove. And the easiest nontoxic formula possible to kill cockroaches is a mixture of a teaspoon of liquid soap and a cup of water. Spraying a cockroach with it chokes it to death.

DIY Remedies for Termites and Carpenter Ants
These are one of the most destructive pests. They may have completely destroyed some of our wood material even before we get to know that they have arrived. Termites and carpenter ants are responsible for hugs structural damages and their colonies are so large that eliminating them single-handedly seems impossible. Therefore, Pest control services seem to be the only way out through this issue. Now, we do have a better and a nontoxic option to tackle these little destroyers. Make a combination of 4 tablespoons of grape jelly with 3 tablespoons of canned cat food and 1 tablespoon of boric acid and place a tablespoon of it near the nests of these pests. The worker termites or carpenter ants will take his mixture to their queen and to their offspring, which will die upon eating it. It will reduce the invasion if repeated the next spring as well.

Homemade Remedy for Bed bugs
I never thought getting rid of bed bugs was actually possible and if we could get rid of them, then it is only through the harmful pesticide sprays. Bed bugs may stick with us even if we change homes! Pesticides are harmful to our health and it is not guaranteed that spraying those will get us rid of the bed bugs. Getting a healthy alternative to fight off these bugs is really a blessing. You just need to make a mixture of a teaspoon of peppermint and a teaspoon of rosemary oils with two cups of water and spray that up on the mattress and the floor surrounding the bed. It works wonders in fighting off these bugs. Another easy option are the scents of lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus; these smells are a turn off for bed bugs. Rubbing their oils around your bed or sleeping area can help you in getting a bug-free sleep.

Repelling Fleas made easy
You can get rid of all sorts of fleas by using these simple tips. For fleas in your home, sprinkle baking soda and salt into your carpets and leave that overnight. Thoroughly vacuum it the next day and you will not see fleas again. And for the rest of the floor, wash it with the juice of four lemons (including the rinds) mixed with 2 liters of water. This solution will keep fleas away. For pets? Spray pets with diluted lemon-juice water or give your pet a white vinegar bath to prevent it from a flea attack. To save your dog’s home from flea invasions, wash the walls and floors with salt water solution. And to prevent your dogs and cats from flea infestation, you should include a little amount of apple cider vinegar to their food, this will help them in fighting off allergies and in maintaining great skin conditions.

Everyone needs a bug-free life and a few items from your kitchen can really get that to you. The homemade solution is the most natural and healthy alternative to fight off these unwanted guests. Keeps these tips in mind and save yourself from getting bugs and loosing bucks.