April is for National Pest Management

National Pest Management Association has been observing April as the month of national pest management for over 30 years now. This year, NPMA plans to raise awareness regarding the treats and risks household pests pose. A lack of awareness about pests and pest management leads to damage and disease. In order to avoid these homeowners should learn and must be encouraged to take necessary preventive measures to control the situation from getting worse or uncontrollable. People, when faced by a pest infestation either ignore the problem or opt for harmful pest control techniques. Talk about pests, in general, what bothers people most is their annoying presence. However, pests are more than just bothersome, given their ability to spread serious diseases and causing billions in damage every year.

The other side of an infested picture:

Apparently pests are not just creepy and unpleasant to look but they can be dangerous too. The health threats posed by cockroaches, mosquitoes and rodents are numerous and can sometimes lead to life threatening illnesses.

Pests and Health Problems:

Insects that can sting can lead to an emergency visit to the hospital, while no one is unaware of the damage caused by termites. The bubonic plague, a pandemic that killed millions in medieval England has its close connections with rats and rabbits carrying bacteria.

Malaria is a common disease I tropical and subtropical regions caused by the bite of an infected female mosquito. In the past few years, deadly diseases like dengue and Nile virus have killed many and are still considered life threatening because it is still a challenge for many countries to curb the spread of dengue every year.
Tick-borne diseases are very common among households having pets with ticks. Lyme disease is a common disease that is transferred to humans through infected tick bites.

Flies that are carriers of a number of diseases, from spreading germs to diseases they are always quite active in infecting our food and other belongings. Germs and bacteria of hepatitis, e-coli, and salmonella can all be transmitted through flies commonly flying around in our households.

Cockroaches found in almost every other home are known to trigger various allergies, specifically asthma.

With Pests comes damage:

What most of us generally concerned about regarding pest infestations is their damage causing nature. Rodents gnawing through electrical wires can result in a short circuit or in worst cases a fire. Termites and carpenter ants can chew up through anything, from walls to floors; your wooden furniture is never safe if these are present in or around your property.

The presence of cockroaches within your vicinity can result in infected belongings with their droppings everywhere.

Bedbugs may not cause any serious damage or health issues but their bites can leave you sleepless for many nights until you find a way to get rid of them.

What NPMA plans to do this month?

NPMA plans to aware and encourage people to know more about pest management. This helps them in finding a solution before the problem actually occurs. Springs and summer are month when pests are the most active and pest problems become very common all around the world; thus, learning to prevent them from lurking around within your vicinity eventually stop them from wreaking havoc.

Pest Management, made easy:

Simple precautions like not giving them reasons to consider your place an ideal habitat for their growth can work as an effective strategy for pest management.

  1. Cover every opening that can provide them access to enter your vicinity. Seal every crack and crevice because they can enter from spaces as small as ¼ inch.

  3. Don’t give them access to any if your food sources. Keep edibles tightly sealed and make sure there are no crumbs or drink spills left for them to enjoy a feast. The key is to keep food preparatory and other areas clean.

  5. You know they love garbage as much as you hate it, so keep your garbage cans or bags properly covered so they don’t find a place to live, feed and grow.

  7. Water is a primary pest abode; make sure there is no water standing in or around your property.

Pests are a year round problem, while an entire month is dedicated to management of pests you can learn more about proactive actions that provide some relief for a problem so big. However, if your pest problem has grown to an intolerable level, you should instantly seek help from a professional pest control service like B & C Pest Control Service to deal with the problem accordingly.

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