5 Summer Pests you don’t want to see this year

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As the summer sun shines on you, the weather has become much tolerable. You have your summer plans and are finally going to enjoy the summer sun. But guess what? You are not the only who has been eagerly waiting for summers; apparently, there are some pesky pests who were waiting for spring to sprung and the summer sun to shine on them too. We all have faced some serious pest issues in summer, either you see those annoying ants marching around your home, come in their way and they’ll welcome you with a bite; Mosquitoes ruining your barbecue plans and house flies, flying uninvited over your drinks and sweets. So whether you like it or not, summers inevitably bring a number of pest problems along. This summer, don’t let the pests find a way into your home and start growing in numbers and becoming a nuisance.

1. Flies:

Flies are everywhere in summers; in your home, outdoors and they’ll chase you just about anywhere–attracted mainly to foods, fruits, beverages and all things sweet. Once they find a drink spill or an exposed, rotting fruit they’ll come uninvited to enjoy the feast. Soon after a few fly into your home, you’ll find them increasing in numbers. Since they found some food source within your vicinity, your home becomes their home too and hence they start living, reproducing in your place and contaminating everything with bacteria and germs and transmitting disease. Before you know it they’ll infect everything and will also cause annoyance as you keep on spatting a fly here and there.

What do I do?

Since they can fly, so it is obviously impossible to stop them from getting into your home; but you can take some preventive measures. Simple measures, like: maintaining hygiene through cleaning, keeping your edibles sealed, not leaving garbage for them to feed on, especially with rotting food in it. These little steps will not just make your home clean but will keep not just flies but also some other pests away. The key is to not remove everything that ends up being an attractant for them. Installing fly traps may also help in ridding you from a fly intervention.

2. Mosquitoes:

We know how summers bring along mosquitoes and mosquito borne diseases; malaria, west Nile and dengue are just some deadly diseases these seemingly tiny insects can cause. They don’t leave a chance to bite you and suck your blood, which is both irritating and painful at the same time. They multiply in numbers during summer; the warmth in temperature provides them with the ideal habitat to live in. It is very important for the wellbeing and health of you and your loved ones to opt for some serious proactive measures to prevent them from causing problems.

What do I do?

You cannot complain about a mosquito problem if you have pools of water standing in or around your home. This is where they’ll live, breed and start spreading multiple diseases. If you are still bitten by mosquitoes, despite taking preventive measures, it is best that you consider getting professional fumigators to spray in and around your vicinity.

3. Ants:

While you might have seen them taking control of your picnic baskets and marching to their holes, this might look exaggerated but they actually are capable of such havoc. They might not pose any threat to your health but their bite can be genuinely painful and their presence, annoying. Summers are just the season ants wait for to come out and collect food to feed their colonies. If not taken care of ants will occupy everything you have in your kitchen.

What do I do?

While you helplessly look for a solution to your ant worries, just seal every open food source and don’t leave anything might which welcome them in. The precautions are more or less the same; all you need to maintain is hygiene. If they enter your home, trace them back to their holes and cover all the entry points.

4. Bedbugs:

Yes, they are hard to eliminate (almost impossible) and once they get into your home they can grow and grow at an unstoppable rate. Bedbugs are an obnoxious insect which may not be harmful but their bites are enough to leave you sleepless for many nights. The worst part is, you cannot spot them because of their size which is almost invisible and they dwell in the most unexpected and unreachable areas of your home

What to do?

Once they enter your home there’s not much you can do to get rid of them, so you better seek professional help before they become your worst nightmare.

5. Cockroaches:

A pest which is active all year round but hyper active during summers; cockroaches are just not unpleasant to look at but they also are disease carriers. These dirty little crawlers can reproduce rapidly during summers and you will spot them in every nook and corner of your home.

What can I do?

Again, maintain hygiene and don’t leave food sources open for them to feed upon. De-clutter your home as much as you can so as to reduce the possibilities for them to find a place to hide. All the litter and garbage you discard should be kept away from your vicinity so that they don’t find access points to enter your home.

A pest problem can become even troublesome in summers and if they’ve grown to an uncontrollable and intolerable number then you should not resort to DIY techniques. This is when you need professionals like BC Pest control to take it from there and provide you with a solution.

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